Translation services

The IVEGA Learning Centre also renders translation services. The most important criterion for good quality translation is not – as many may wrongly suppose – only an excellent knowledge of the English language. It is primarily the expertise and experience of the translator and their understanding of the subject that is being translated.

Professional specialisation, nearly 30 years of experience, and the continuous education of our translators in various fields of business and science (technology, medicine, pharmacy, economics, law, technology and many more) make possible and guarantee high-quality translation work, ranging by its nature from technical documentation, drawings, various manuals and handbooks, reports, expert opinions, annotations, professional, scientific articles and presentations, contracts, and agreements to all kinds of personal and business correspondence.

We have many stable partners in the field of translation, particularly in the academic and engineering environments; for example, the Technical University, Association for Innovation and Development ASTRA, PHOTOMAP, TELEGRAFIA, SOS electronic, and others. The IVEGA Learning Centre has taken part in several international projects within the European Union, wherein we were responsible for many professional translations.

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